How we do it

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 



Our olive trees grow on a majestic hill overlooking the fruit orchard. During the harvest, olives are brought to our olive press just below the hill to ensure the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. Our organic olive products include: olive oils, dipping oils, cured olives, and tapenades.


To say our fruits are deliciously sweet and juicy is an understatement. We take great care to prune, fertilize, and care for our fruit trees in a unique way. We practice diversified farming and use nitrogen fixing plants and beneficial microbes to encourage symbiosis. 


We make compost, earthworm casting, and earthworm tea. Why? Because the key to high quality and nutrient dense vegetables is healthy soil. And companion planting helps our plants thrive.

farm animals

Born free, our animals are never caged, but live in nature as God created them to. They also have a healthy diet of mainly greens and whatever else they might dig up in nature. 


Our lovely sprouts are grown in a climate-controlled sprout house. Don't belittle them, though they be but little, they are a fierce powerhouse of nutrients. Eating sprouts are the way to go.